Outfit of the Day – Casual and Comfortable
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I have welcomed fall with open arms. I enjoy the crisp air, the smell of bonfires and the ability to have my windows open. But one day last week it was rainy and there was no sunshine all day. (Or maybe it was the entire week, right?) I found it hard to be anything but Read the Rest…

The Words They’ve Read: Jessica McKay
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When I asked COOP’s editor and founder, Jessica McKay, to discuss the books that have impacted her life, I fully (yet foolishly) expected titles on interior design, gardening, and food. A quick scan of the five titles below shows just how wrong my thinking was. “When I began narrowing down my list, I felt incredibly overwhelmed,” Read the Rest…

Back to School
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For many, August marks the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. Bathing suits are packed away, vacation photos are posted to social media, barbecue grills are scrubbed and covered, and stores stock their shelves with “Back to School” merchandise. Parents, students, and teachers alike prepare for another year of essays, extracurricular Read the Rest…

Behind The Design – Downtown Apartment: Part 2
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After months of designing/decorating a space, I usually forget what everything looked like before we started working on a project. It’s party due to the length of time, but also because as a client starts to tell me anything about themselves, I start visualizing how the place will eventually look and its current state doesn’t Read the Rest…