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The Words They’ve Read: Jessica McKay

Sep 08, 2014 in READ

When I asked COOP’s editor and founder, Jessica McKay, to discuss the books that have impacted her life, I fully (yet foolishly) expected titles on interior design, gardening, and food. A quick scan of the five titles below shows just how wrong my thinking was. “When I began narrowing down my list, I felt incredibly overwhelmed,” Read the Rest…

The Words They’ve Read: Steve Gordon Jr.

May 19, 2014 in LIFE & READ

Calling Steve Gordon Jr. a graphic designer only tells part of his story. In fact, it doesn’t even come close. Known best by his other moniker, RDQLUS Creative, Gordon is a constant observer of his surroundings and their textures. His creative client work is various and wide-reaching. His modest clothing line emphasizes clever messaging. And he is Read the Rest…

Printed Words on Parade

Mar 20, 2014 in LIFE & READ

I still recall the cover, deep red and worn and not at all striking or memorable in design. Bennet Cerf’s Book of Laughs was a title I discovered at my grade school library sometime in the late 1980s. Something about the quips and clever one-liners caught me. The library tracking card affixed inside the front cover featured Read the Rest…

The Resurgence of Handmade

Feb 03, 2014 in LIFE & READ & STYLE

Colorful skeins of yarn have slowly, seemingly effortlessly taken up residence in my home. I can’t quite pinpoint when my casual interest in knitting transformed to a full-time hobby. But I can tell you that, on likely a subconscious level, I had grown increasingly weary of digital devices and can’t-quite-touch data that seemed to dominate Read the Rest…