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Bourgeois Boheme

Oct 16, 2014 in LIFE & most-recent & READ

Deborah Kass,  feel good paintings for feel bad times. Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans. I turned thirty-two in August. That event bookended a summer full of conversations with my good friend, Amanda. We kept coming back to the idea that we were feeling a bit stagnant personally (though not necessarily professionally) and would bounce ideas Read the Rest…

Santa Fe

Sep 24, 2014 in DESIGN & LIFE & most-recent

Growing up in New Mexico, I often took for granted the beauty of its many cultures – Spanish, Mexican, Pueblo, Navajo, European – and its varied landscape, from desert to mountains. I’m sure that was partly because my hometown felt more like the west Texas plains than any Land of Enchantment. But mostly, it was Read the Rest…

Behind The Design – Downtown Apartment: Part 2

Aug 14, 2014 in DESIGN

After months of designing/decorating a space, I usually forget what everything looked like before we started working on a project. It’s party due to the length of time, but also because as a client starts to tell me anything about themselves, I start visualizing how the place will eventually look and its current state doesn’t Read the Rest…

New Developments in Design

Jul 24, 2014 in DESIGN

My favorite thing when perusing design magazines and blogs is any time the behind-the-scenes process is discussed. (I geek out hard on all that jazz!) To me, it feels like those designers/decorators respect that their readers are smart enough to realize that getting from A to Z isn’t magic, and there is a lot of Read the Rest…