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COOP Podcast – 5 Interior Design Elements

Feb 19, 2014 in LIFE & most-recent

Hooray for another episode of our podcast! Today we’re chatting about interior design elements: balance, scale, focal points, avoiding matching sets and buying what you love. Thanks again for listening!

Don’t Stop Believin’ in Camo

Feb 18, 2014 in most-recent & STYLE

The best part about working in a creative field, and being my own boss, is that I can basically wear whatever I want. I can throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and be good to go for the day. It certainly helps, on the fashion front, if those t-shirts are really stylish Read the Rest…

Just a Little Push

Feb 13, 2014 in DESIGN & most-recent

Upstairs landing in a recently completed Birdhouse Interior Design project.  Featuring a print from Cozamia and a mercury glass table lamp. Over the last four and a half years designing spaces, and working with people, I’ve realized who will be a good client fit for us and who won’t. It has some to do with aesthetic. Read the Rest…

COOP Podcast – Episode 1

Feb 05, 2014 in LIFE & most-recent

We’re talking  - yes, talking –  about the mission of COOP in our very first podcast! You might notice I have a theme. So, take a drink every time I mention something about story telling. But be forewarned; you may get drunk. Also, ponder where Wendy’s Fargo (she’s from Omaha) accent comes from. Especially when Read the Rest…