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“I’ve got a great idea. Let’s put our house up on Air BnB!” He was all but glowing, he was so proud of his idea.

I smiled, screaming inside. Do you know how much work that’ll take?! My fellow freely admits that he has trouble getting rid of stuff, while I dislike things without a place to be. Don’t get me started on duplicates unless you have a few minutes.

We do actually have a small guest room. It also pretends to be an office on some days and my closet on others. You might call it a junk room, and I wouldn’t correct you. We also have a loft, an open floor space upstairs that does indeed have a comfortable queen-size bed — as well as all of our holiday decorations, random computer parts, and my husband’s sprawling art projects.

As he was contemplating where we’d stay while we had Air BnB-ers in our home, my eyes were glazing over. We’ll need a quarter million Rubbermaid tubs, I’ll have to clean the fridge, our windows have never been washed… Then there’s the fact that we still have a lot of second-hand furniture (and not the cute vintage kind), and the linens on the guest bed are the ones I used in college. I was really into animal print.

Animal print guest room

Behold, my college aesthetic. Except for the dresser, which I painted myself when I was in high school.

Let’s just say that setting out a bottle of wine and some flowers are the least of our worries.

But I’m rolling up my sleeves. We had a chat about, okay, realistically, this is what it’s gonna take to get this very lived-in, rather second-hand home ready to be a hotel alternative. We’re doing this, you guys.

Of course, we’re also doing this with some help from Birdhouse. Jessica will — thank goodness — be stepping in with some pointers so I don’t end up sobbing in a corner somewhere clutching animal print.

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