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I wake up after hitting snooze three times and briefly contemplate whether or not today is the day I will finally wash my hair. At first, I think it’s Sunday, but then I realize it’s Friday, which means I’m 27 minutes late getting out of bed. So nope. Not washing my hair today. Still, it’s the weekend in like eight or nine hours, which is an okay trade. This particular week has been so full with new jobs, new hours, new diets, and so on that I’ve lost my ability to decipher between days.

But I can make this work. Black jeans, black wedges, a black tee and maybe a couple extra layers should look polished enough that I can pull off a half top-knot.


It’s not unusual for me to go four or five days without washing my hair. By that fifth day, it’s so full of product and so, well, lived-in that a top knot is the only option when there’s no time to wash it. For my recent long-bob cut, the half top-knot still does the trick.


With winter still looming (Yes. Yes, I am the blogger dope still whining about the weather), staying warm is part of the gig. But I do love this long trench jacket I found on sale from Nasty Gal.


The trench makes a fun pairing with this red buffalo checkered cape from Charlotte Russe.


Don’t forget the wedge bootie by Betsey Johnson!


And let’s have a big statement necklace from Stella & Dot to top everything off.

Tomorrow though. I’ll definitely make the time to wash my hair tomorrow.

Photos by Hooton Images

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