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After working with Birdhouse for almost a year, I’ve learned a lot from Jessica about styling a home that’s very livable. This is an area of design I’ve wanted to continue to practice, so it’s been really nice to work along side her.

My skill sets are strongest on the technical end of design: space planning, organization and anything to do with drawing (hand drafting, Auto-CAD, or rendering).

Now, knowing that I have Jessica to bounce around creative ideas, it’s time to revisit my living room decor.


I shared with you the first round of changes here.

I’m ready to step away from a few of the hand-me-downs and really polish this room with spunk and personality. I’m hoping I put my styling lessons to good use and start creating a home that’s layered with elements that truly reflect who I am.

The challenges with this room are mostly the long, narrow shape and a minimal budget. (Isn’t budget always a challenge?!)

To address furniture floor plan:

Usually, I don’t like to layout furniture only along the walls because it doesn’t create very accessible conversation areas. However, in this case it can’t easily be helped due to the elongated shape of the room and the awkward layout off the dining room. To address the issue, I plan on creating a main conversation/television watching area on the long wall of the room and another little seating area along the short wall.

Then I can layer a variety of textures and accessories that trick the eye (to create better flow) by focusing on other really personal additions to the room.

To address budget:

I’m making the time to map out splurges and where I can save. This will help me stay on track when shopping.
My living room inspiration/mood board.

My plan of attack is underway.

I’ve already found a Peacock wicker chair at Back in the Day for only $9! And I’ve sold a few of the pieces I knew I was ready to part with.


Now I’m in the stage of looking for the perfect size coffee table and wall lamps to flank the artwork.

Here are the 2 styles of wall lamps that I am currently torn between:


I would love to hear your input.

And stay tuned for more updates!

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