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I met the gentlemen from hutch just over a year ago. Birdhouse had been asked to help stage a press tent for the Maha Music Festival last summer, and while we were brainstorming interesting furniture stores to tap into, I remembered that hutch had just opened up at Midtown Crossing. They had great pieces and were also incredibly helpful with our project.

We all immediately clicked.

And after a few more pop-up event collaborations, I realized they were very much my people. Fast forward a year, now hutch is moving to a much bigger space at Midtown Crossing and Birdhouse is moving in with them!

Birdhouse will have a separate design studio within the 4,300 sq ft space where we’ll continue to operate our full-service firm. We will also help curate and vignette the main hutch showroom. (Which is going to be so much fun because hutch is bringing in some fantastic new furniture options!)

We’ve all decided that growing our businesses separately, but in close relation, is a way we can continue to inspire and challenge each other to give Omaha an amazing resource for furniture, art and design.

We had a little Q&A the other day and shared our motivations and excitement about this step forward.

COOP (Jessica): I know why I wanted to collaborate and move in with you fellas: our services are very complementary, we have similar tastes in furniture, art and design (yet, different which makes it fun!), we work together really well, we all are very interested in making our community a better place and you guys are super weird so we’re constantly laughing together.

But, why did you both want to cozy up to Birdhouse?

hutch: I think it’s really easy to tell why we wanted to partner together on a professional level, but that’s not even what’s most important. The gals at Birdhouse are true class acts, with style for days. We also inspire each other in a really fun way. From the first event we ever worked on in the summer of 2013, it already felt like we were a team. It feels really good to be able to continue that chemistry, and fuel both of our business ventures.

COOP: Obviously, we’ve chatted about the look and feel of our new digs and each company plans on bringing our individual vibe to the space. For example, Birdhouse will have a separate studio within the space that might be designed differently than the main hutch showroom. How do you think that will accommodate our customers and clients?

hutch: Style constantly evolves between every person, culture and time period. It’s a form of expression that can be found in fashion, design, architecture, writing, dance and every other form of creativity. It’s very important to showcase what style is important to you. Our styles seem to come together in a really exciting way. We hope Omaha uses hutch + Birdhouse’s Swiss army knife of quality products and services to complete their living spaces.

COOP: Why do you feel Omaha is a good market for our shared venture?

hutch: Omaha is budding with talent and creatives, who all seem to want to support each other. By collaborating, we hope to create a brand where we all can form and showcase all of our talents together. There also has been this momentum shift happening in Omaha, and nationwide, with an emphasis on local, found objects and Eco-friendly materials. We believe that Omaha’s big city/small town vibe is the perfect place to mold this concept.

COOP: Birdhouse has always worked with fine artists and makers because we believe in the value of their goods, providing clients with original pieces, and investing in people! I think sometimes the people behind-the-scenes get lost in a fast moving, mass-produced world. Learning about artists’ creative processes and understanding the time it takes to create pieces is a really important step to start supporting them more in our city.

Why do you want to work with local artists and makers to sell their pieces in hutch?

hutch: Since day one, hutch has striven to support our community of creatives and makers. There is amazing talent here in Omaha; talent that in our opinion, needs to be showcased and supported. All made objects have a story, and we like that.

COOP: Finally, and it’s the most important question of all; how much fun did you have going to the Sleigh Bells concert together?

hutch: Infinity.

Photo by Joshua Foo

  • Zoe

    Yeah! Congratulations on your exciting new adventure with hutch! I adore that place and can’t wait to see the new space. xx

    The What’s In Between

    • Jessica McKay

      Zoe, thanks so much! We think it will be a really great fit. Introduce yourself sometime when you stop in!

  • Daphne Eck

    I’m so excited about this collaboration! CONGRATS!

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