Goodie Bag – Volcano Choir

I use to live in a world where new music was always in my reach. New artists, new albums to obsess about – listening to them over and over and over. Now I live in a world where it’s rare that I’m listening to something new. I default to my iPod shuffle because I don’t have the time to give to finding new music.

It does get tiresome after a few months of my trusty old music, so eventually I must go searching. This tends to happen in the late evening after my son has gone to bed. And as luck would have it, I recently found Volcano Choir! COOP_Volcano_Choir_repave

Volcano Choir is composed of Justin Vernon from Bon Iver (and if you know me, you know I adore that band) and some of the men from Colonies of Bees. This album. These people. Oh, it’s beautiful. This song is my favorite.

Enjoy and please share your favorite new music with me anytime.

  • anonymous

    Haha, glad you called this out. I’ve seen Bon Iver live – what an experience. Justin’s constant re-invention of himself is very imrpessive – I enjoy listening to Justin Vernon, deYarmond Edison, Bon Iver, Volcano Choir etc and seeing what he has chosen to keep and what he has decided to leave behind in each of the projects. Kind of like watching an artist edit a painting and real time. I love that it’s experimental but accessible to a casual listener like myself. I also love that he’s one of the few ‘Indie’ artists I can listen to in the car with my wife with little conflict :)

    • Ginger McCandless

      I haven’t seen him live but would love too. and I’m happy to hear your wife likes to listen as well. My eleven year old is ALWAYS changing the channel.