Stories from middle America

On any given day, our master bathroom looks like a fraternity house–just crap everywhere. My toothbrush piled on my toothpaste, face cleanser balanced precariously on my pedestal sink, and Christopher’s too-tall bottles of something jumbled among my too-tall bottles of something else. It drives me nuts. It makes me extra crazy and quite mad, because I put us in this position by not having the proper storage space; more specifically, I chose the wrong medicine cabinets.


The inside of my cabinet. Missing from the photo: my face cleanser, face lotion and a cup to put my toothbrush. I bet you have this much stuff too. Don’t judge.

When we were renovating our master bathroom, it was done very quickly and I had no patience or budget. I just wanted it finished. Remember what I said about things never being fast, cheap and good? Well, I got fast and cheap and now I’m kicking myself because we really didn’t get good. And as it turns out, we actually didn’t get cheap since we’ll have to redo our cabinets soon!

The problem is that the cabinets don’t have adjustable shelves and they aren’t very deep. You want to be able to store tall bottles, short bottles, and everything in between. And you know, you better leave room for your toothbrush. You want to keep that guy stored in the cabinet because every time you flush the toilet, gross little particles can get on it otherwise. You’re welcome for that fun and disgusting fact.


¬†What a cabinet should look like, minus those light fixtures. I’m not crazy about those. Image via Restoration Hardware.

So, the rule of thumb is, always have adjustable shelves in your medicine cabinets.

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