New Developments in Design
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My favorite thing when perusing design magazines and blogs is any time the behind-the-scenes process is discussed. (I geek out hard on all that jazz!) To me, it feels like those designers/decorators respect that their readers are smart enough to realize that getting from A to Z isn’t magic, and there is a lot of Read the Rest…

Birdhouse + hutch
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I met the gentlemen from hutch just over a year ago. Birdhouse had been asked to help stage a press tent for the Maha Music Festival last summer, and while we were brainstorming interesting furniture stores to tap into, I remembered that hutch had just opened up at Midtown Crossing. They had great pieces and Read the Rest…

Holy crap I’m an adult: my thoughts on hosting my parents
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My mom and dad arrived at my house before I got off work. “Well, I can’t be home until about 5:30,” I had said in a phone call. “We’ll probably be there at 3,” was my mom’s breezy response. I smiled inside and promised to leave the back door unlocked. About once a year, my Read the Rest…

All I Need is this Skirt
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ginger tat

I want to be fervent when I say my interest in this skirt began as a rebellion against the over-saturated market of showing a lot of skin. In a world where our summer trends tend to get shorter and more cropped by the season, (summer season, that is) this skirt kept me on track to stay Read the Rest…